25th November 2014

I will be running my Sutra Stitching workshop this Saturday 29th November, as part of the Flourish Festival, co-organised by Green Ups Sydney and Fashion Revolution. The event is running over the weekend and will be housed in a fantastic warehouse space at The Rocks, in Sydney. There will be workshops, films and a panel discussion on the toxic impacts of the fashion industry (that I am also speaking at) on Tuesday 2nd December.

The workshop will involve some Kundalini meditations techniques and simple hand-stitching inspired by the Japanese ‘boro boro’ technique, used by Japanese rice farmers to mend and repair their treasured clothes.

As I have been researching the term ‘flourish’ and it’s meaning in the sustainability context, I am excited to talk about and hear from Sydney-siders what flourishing means to them.

Book here.