Sutra = a sacred text, a thread or line that holds things together, from the root siv, to sew

Sutra Stitching is a workshop format to explore the relationship between textile craft and meditation. There is increasing scientific and anecdotal evidence that meditation is good for stress relief and increases general psychological well-being. Having trained as a yoga teacher, Clara has been teaching and practicing mantra meditation, and began to see the similarities between meditation and textile craft practices. There is now also scientific evidence that suggests repetitive hand movements such as hand-stitching and knitting release seratonin, the ‘happy’ chemical that makes us feel relaxed and increases general well-being, also released during meditation.

The Sutra Stitching workshops involve a mantra meditation at the beginning and end of the class, and for the rest of the time participants are playing with cloth, needle and thread.

The workshops have taken place in venues in London and Australia for diverse audiences including design students in higher education; staff at fashion companies as an employee engagement exercise and general public at cultural festivals.  We are currently in the process of locating a venue in central Sydney for monthly workshops.

If you would like to know any more information about these workshops, please get in touch.

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