Clara shares the vision of a global community of fashion brands, organisations and consumers who are actively working to transform the fashion and textile industry towards a more sustainable and equitable one. Clara is currently developing several programmes for Australian organisations and individuals to work with her. Please get in touch in the meantime if you would like to know more.

Experience and credentials:

  • Over ten years experience in industry and research in the UK and Europe fashion/ textile sector specialising in sustainable materials; sustainable design strategies; and corporate responsibility strategy
  • Associate of the Textiles Environment Design (TED) team at University of the Arts London, that developed The TEN, a sustainable design framework and methodology for business and education (endorsed by United Nations Global Compact/NICE Denmark)
  • Expert workshop facilitator and speaker
  • Working towards a PhD in textile design and sustainability, has done extensive research into design and systems thinking, values-based leadership and creativity
  • Yoga Teacher Training (Level 1)